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Cindy in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is going through her mother's diary from the 's and finds the term high hat used as a transitive verb. While some have associated the phrase get on the stick with an automotive origin, a more likely etymology involves an old dialectal use of stick meaning a rate of speed, and to cut stick meaning to go away quickly. Also, a peculiar twist in Southern speech may leave outsiders scratching their heads: There are several variations of this practice, including the worry that if they fail to utter the phrase, they'll soon quarrel. When they happen to say the same word at the very same time, many children play a version of the Jinx! That's because the original meaning of pudding had nothing to do with the kind we eat for dessert today. Plus, the surprising story behind why we use the phrase in a nutshell to sum things up.

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The word comes from Greek agathos, meaning good, which is also the source of agathakakological, an adjective describing a mixture of good and evil.

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Gung Ho - 5 March 2018

Also, Hold 'er Newt, copacetic, drupelet, pluggers, pantywaist, this little piggy, and the word with the bark on it. From the same Greek root comes xeroscaping, which is landscaping that requries little or no water. This episode is hosted by Grant Barrett and Martha Barnette. In classical times, winners of competitions were awarded crowns made from the fragrant leaves of bay laurels. On the face of it, the expression the proof is in the pudding doesn't make sense.

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