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Offer food the child likes, for example, ice cream, cream or porridge. You can also put a couple of books under the legs of the bed at the head end. Thick mucus is not usually a reason to contact the doctor, as long as the child seems well in all other respects. Older children, however, often become immune to the virus they are infected with. Viruses spread more easily indoors. Hjälp med bearbetning av data, analys. Väljer de att medverka kommer de att ringas upp av studieansvariga läkare för att boka en tid för neuropsykologisk undersökning på Högsbo sjukhus.

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It usually affects children, is spread by direct contact or respiratory route via droplet nuclei, and is characterized by the appearance on the skin and mucous membranes of successive crops of typical pruritic vesicular lesions that are easily broken and become scabbed.

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There are no nasal sprays or drops that are approved for children under one year — saline drops should be used for these children. It is easier for the child to breathe if his or her head is kept up. A newborn infant is still vulnerable to infections, particularly during its first month. Sometimes a child with a temperature does not want to eat their normal food. However, you should seek medical care if the child has mucus or a blocked nose in one nostril only.

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